Nickel Performance Backstory:


My passion for 300zx's started about 7 years ago, when I purchased my first car, a 300zx. Its sleek lines, raw power, timeless design, and the feeling you get behind the wheel are like no other car. My passion for these cars and the dreams of many 300zx owners has driven me to make the single turbo kit. I am here to create something that the community has been talking about since I started the search for my first z. I am not the first person to create a single turbo setup for these cars, but no one has offered a full kit or kit options for the 300zx thus far. Nickel Performance now offers the Naturally-Aspirated owners the option to boost their z's without having to swap a turbo'd motor. It took months of designing and planning, long nights, blood, sweat and tears, but the front and rear mount single turbo setups have finally come to fruition. My name is Ocean Nickel and I'm proud to start this journey with my fellow 300zx enthusiasts and Nickel Performance